In today’s day and age, most people are becoming more savvy when it comes to energy savings. Despite some opinions, you do not need to cut corners in order to cut costs. Simply following these steps will help you become more energy efficient, and keep your bills lower.

Make the Switch to LED Lights

One of the simplest options to become more energy efficient is to change your bulbs to LED bulbs. This can help reduce your energy use by 75% this is because traditional incandescent light only convert 10% of the energy into light. Which results in A LOT of wasted energy. You can take it a step further and invest in lights that has sensors or  that are on a timer. This way the lights are only on when needed, eliminating wasted energy.

Change the Way You do Laundry

Your washing machine consumes a lot of power, and even more when there is kids in the home. Somehow there is always laundry to do, the never ending household chore. Instead of doing half loads every couple days, cut it down to 1-2 times a week. After all we call it “Laundry DAY” not “Laundry Week”. To take it one step further, air dry your clothes on a line or rack.

Buy Certified Appliances

Household appliances that you see with the Energy Star certified logos can be expected to provide BIG savings on the energy bills. Often, the cost of the appliances pay for themselves in the long run, making the investment worth it. Everything you can think of from, Fridges, Freezers, dishwashers, TV’s and ceiling fans can all be energy star certified.

Be More Responsible

If you’re not ready to make the investment for new appliances, you can simply take more responsible action to bring down your energy usage. For starters, turn off all electronics when they are not in use, for example if your not in the living room then the lights can be off in the living room. To take it one step further; unplug electronics. Phone chargers will still consume energy when plugged in, even if your not charging your phone. Taking these few actions can add up over time, leaving your wallet heavier and your energy bill lighter.

Being more energy efficient does not mean complicated or pricey. Following the above steps and make a big change in your usage.

If you’d like to discover other energy saving tips or learn more about LED lighting options for your home; book an in-home consultation

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