Most often when we go to sell our home or renew our insurance this is when electrical code violations are brought to the table, but what most don’t realize is this can also create the perfect environment for an electrical fire, electrocution etc. This is why we stress the importance of electrical inspections by licensed professionals in both new and old homes. Cutting corners when it comes to the electrical system in your home and safety, always choose safety. The risk is not worth it.

Some of the most common mistakes & code violations are:


Old Wiring with New Lights

Old wiring doesn’t always work with new fixtures. Newer lighting run at a higher temperature, where older wiring can only handle up to 60 degrees Celsius, resulting in the fixture running even hotter. In most cases without rewiring your whole home, a certified electrician can simply install a junction box to run a new wire connecting your light fixture to your old wiring.


Misplaced Outlets

In Alberta there are several rules surrounding electrical outlets that must be adhered to. For example:

  • Outlets must be placed no further than 1.8 metres away from a door or closet.
  • No more than 12 outlets on a branch circuit.
  • Outlets must never be placed in cupboards or cabinets, with very few exceptions.
  • Certain appliances must have their own designated outlet.
  • Bathrooms must have GFCI outlets installed.

Overcrowding Wires

Having too many wires crammed together can cause them to rub against each other and wear away the insulation on each individual wire. This then leaves them exposed within your walls, increasing your risk of fire. According to the electrical code, no more then 3 wires should run through a single 7/8 inch hole. If there is more than that, a licensed electrician will need to cut away the damaged wire and install a junction box.


Electrical is not a DIY project

Many of the electrical mistakes we see are due to inexperience. Whether your attempting to complete your own electrical services or hiring a handyman to complete your electrical tasks you are likely to run into a few issues down the road. Although there are some minor electrical chores you can complete on your own such as; changing a life bulb, most electrical services must be completed by a certified electrician to assure it is code compliant. A reputable, licensed electrician will be familiar with the most up to date code & will not take any shortcuts, giving you peace of mind, saving you future stress & money.

For all your electrical work in the St.Albert & Edmonton area our team of technicians at Proline Electric can help assure your home is safe, and to code. Contact us Today! for all your electrical needs.



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