Caring for your electrical system doesn’t stop at the end of the original installation. Much like you maintain your car, the electrical system in your home requires proper maintenance and repair throughout your time of living in your home.

Here are 4 important components in your electrical system to consider;


Sockets Near Water

As we are taught as kids, Water and Electricity are a dangerous combination, but it would be extremely unrealistic to not have outlets installed in our kitchens or bathrooms. By having GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupters) installed in those areas that are high risk of having water splashed on the outlets will keep your family safe while in use near water. These devices ground out the socket in case of exposure to water.


Surge Protectors

One area where homeowners are the least educated on is power surges. Storms, Floods can cause irreparable damage to your electrical system. Surge protectors offset this risk by protecting your home against power surges. The device and installation of this device is minor in comparison to the considerable costs incurred when homeowners are forced to replace appliances such as; TV’s, fridges, stoves etc. and their electrical systems overhauled. LEARN MORE!


Smoke Detectors

Fires can occur at anytime of the year, so having properly functioning smoke detectors in your home is a must. If your smoke detectors are 10 years and older or making funny noises it is time to have a professional electrician come review and replace them. Learn More!


Signs of Faulty Wiring

Whether your home is newer or old you can fall victim to faulty wiring. Warm Switches, flickering lights, and constantly blown fuses are all signs that your electrical system may need an upgrade. Faulty wiring isn’t just inconvenient, it poses a serious risk of electrical fire and electrocution. If you are experience anything as mentioned, it is time to call a professional electrician to further diagnose the issue, from there it can be determined the best plan to bring your home back up to the proper safety standards.


We strongly encourage you to NOT wait until an emergency occurs before reviewing your electrical system. Electrical safety isn’t rocket science but it is a science. Electricians spend years and countless hours educating themselves, and understanding electrical systems, it is best to have a Professional Electrician provide a thorough yearly safety inspection.

At Proline Electric we offer a Proline Club membership which gets you a FREE yearly safety inspection every year on your anniversary.

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