Home Safety is a very popular topic with our customers, many are looking for new ways to enhance the safety and security in their homes. As technology quickly advances, more and more devices are hitting the market to help you feel safe in your home, as well for when your away from your home. Most importantly homeowners want to be able to install these devices at an affordable price.

Here are a few of the most affordable ways to introduce security devices into your home.

Doorbell Cameras: 

Typically, everyone’s first choice of basic home security is the doorbell camera. Doorbell cameras allow you to not only see who is at your door when the doorbell is pushed but it notifies you when someone is detected by dropping off a package, pulling into your driveway, or is anywhere on or close to your property. Doorbell camera’s also provide comfort knowing when your child is home from school safe. It is connected to your smart phone through an app. Doorbell camera’s typically also have two way talk, so you can for example let your package delivery driver’s know where to leave your package. If there is an unfortunate case of vandalism or theft your doorbell camera records all activity giving you clear camera footage able to be sent to the police. There may be some small monthly fee to save your video recordings to the cloud, but in most cases it is very worth it for when you need the footage. 

Smart Door Locks:

Your at work and you have a cleaning crew coming in, or you have your favorite technicians from Proline Electric arriving. Smart door locks, work great in conjunction with a doorbell camera or on their own. Once your notified the right person is at the door, you are able to also unlock your doors from your phone, then re-locking once the job has been complete.

Motion Lights:

Motion lights are lights that sense motion and turn on when someone is walking up, especially at night this can be enough to scare away any thieves. These lights are commonly installed by the front door and over the garage.


These are just the 3 most common ways to enhance the safety of you, your family and your home. It provides extra comfort knowing you are able to see whose at your home when you can’t be there. Any of these 3 items can also be synced and work in conjunction with a whole home security system. But for those looking to start small and build up, we’d love to help you!

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