The Covid-19 Pandemic has sure brought many changes, and when the pandemic hit I’m sure like most, you thought this was just a temporary, short term change. Well according to recent survey’s working from home is likely a permanent shift for many. In a recent article written by CTV News  25% of Canadian businesses are ‘likely’ or ‘very likely’ to offer the option to their employees to work from home, while 15% will make it a requirement post pandemic.

In the beginning of the pandemic, many of us just set up at our kitchen tables or wherever we could find space. Over the course of the year, we have all adjusted & re-adjusted over and over. And now for many Canadians it is a permanent change, “a new normal” as they called it, so now it is time to assure you are properly set up.

Determine What You Need:

Depending on your work, any equipment may require more power, or more electrical outlets than your current space has. Do you currently have lighting in the space, is it enough for a long day? There are many, many different scenarios that each person may need in order to do their job and to avoid sporadic outages. Of course, you want any changes you make to be done safely; so we always recommend to have a certified technician such as; Proline Electric to come provide an inspection as well and get you on the right path based on your requirements.

Protecting your Equipment:

A surge protection is always a great option to protect any electronic equipment but even more so with the computers or TV’s you may have in your office space. A power surge can destroy some of your most expensive appliances or electronics. Another consideration is having your office space on it’s own dedicated circuit. This will help minimize the risk in the event of a power surge, but also for example if the microwave trips the breaker, your not affected in your office. Nothing worse than loosing all your work before it’s saved.

Energy Efficient

You likely recognize the Energy Star label by now, but it is important to look for this label for any of your desktop computers, printers etc. Inefficient electronics can rack up your energy bill each month but also add stress to your home’s electrical system. As mentioned above  proper lighting is so important for your space. LED lighting uses less energy, less risk of overheating and last 25 times longer than incandescent or halogen bulbs. Assuring you have enough light as well as the efficiency is something we can help you with.

One of the many benefits to working from home is having the ability to create a space you love & that works for you. We’d love to help be apart of your success. Schedule a free on site today today!

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