Summer is a time to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors.  Whether it be in your backyard pool, flying a kite, lighting storms or relaxing in your hot tub, Here are 10 electrical safety precautions to consider;


1. At all times assume power lines are live and dangerous. Never play around or touch a power line with any part of your body, a toy, or event a stick. If you see a down power line call the local utility company.

2. Never post any signs or flyers on utility poles, as this can endanger you and utility workers that provide regular maintenance on these poles.

3. Avoid getting kites, drones or any airborne toys caught in power lines by playing with these items in wide open spaces, like a large open field.

4. Keep an eye on the weather. Nearly 100 people die each year and another 500 are severely injured from lightning strikes. During a thunderstorm it is best to go indoors until the storm has past.

5. Keep all electrical toys and appliances away from water.

6. Do not touch any electrical appliances or toys if you are wet or standing in water. Electricity travels very quickly through water and can result in electrocution.

7. Assure your pool or hot tub is properly connected and fully grounded. There are specific electrical codes electricians follow to assure the connection is done properly to assure your highest safety while enjoying your pool or hot tub.

8. Now is a great time to assure any area of your home that may be exposed to water splashing such as kitchen, bathroom, exterior plugs etc. have GFCI outlets installed. They are in place to protect you from electrical shock by shutting off power locally at the outlet if a problem arises.

9. Always know where circuit breakers are and how to properly shut them off should an emergency arise.

10. Never plug anything in that is connected to a frayed or damaged cord.


In what seems to be obvious safety protocols, many injuries occur each year due to failed safety protocols. Should you have any questions when it comes to your electrical system and safety. Please Contact us Today! 

We are your residential electrical experts and take pride in assuring your safety is kept #1!

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