By Winterizing your Electrical System, you will prevent an outage from occurring when you and your family needs it the most; Winter!

Proline Electric offers an extensive Winterization electrical Safety inspection, which is an inspection to your electrical system both inside and out.

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A Few items to remember reviewing before Old Man Winter Arrives:


Your outlets at they get older, don’t handle the circuits as well. Especially outlets that are impacted by the weather. For outlets that are in areas that water is a factor and not GFCI protected- Now is a great time to upgrade those outlets.

Space Heaters

Nearly 80% of fires that occur during the winter months are due to space heaters. Common reasons space heaters catch fire is either it is too close to flammable materials or the wiring and heating element is loose or damaged. 

Smoke Detectors

One of the most forgotten devices in your home is your smoke detectors, but it is one of the most valuable. Winter is the worst seasons for household fires in Canada due to Static electricity, the use of space heaters, fireplaces, furnace running 24/7 and during Christmas, Christmas lights pose a risk. 

Outdoor Lighting

Typically outdoor lighting is located on the front and back porch, around the driveway, and above the garage door. Although they are more protected with covers and junction boxes the outdoor elements can still wear on these devices. 

Outdoor Electrical Wiring

Winter takes it toll on your electrical wiring. When exposed to winter temperatures, snow, and ice wiring may become corrode and more brittle. Older homes wiring may also be expanding more in summer and contracting in the winter resulting in connections becoming loose. 

Schedule a Safety Inspection

When it comes to electrical safety in your home, it is one thing to look yourself, but do you know what your looking for? Most cases homeowners don’t know what there looking for in prevention of electrical safety, they just know once it stops working. Having a certified Electrician come provide you a Electrical Inspection before winter will give you the comfort of knowing your home is less likely to break down during the coldest months, as they will be able to provide suggestions,  recognize if something is breaking down before it actually stops working. 

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