YouTube has become a great resource when it comes to new recipes, makeup tutorials and Toy reviews. However, it’s usefulness seems to wear off when it comes to electrical work. Let us explain why anything outside changing a light bulb should be left to the professional electricians.


Understanding the System

The thing with electrical systems is just that they are a; system. They are made up of delicate structures with thousands of intricate moving parts. Altering one component could throw off the entire system. A certified electrician will have the best understanding about how all these pieces work together before diving in. DIYers are forced to piecemeal their projects due to their limited knowledge. It can become very frustrating at the best of times leading to fatal at the worst.


Years of Training

The understanding and the knowledge process comes from years of learning. Electrical apprentices are requires to attend 4 years of intense training including on the job experience in-between in class training. During this time is when an electrician will learn both the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary. In most cases DIY “experts” will watch a video or two and tinker around with some wires before touting their experience.


Protecting You, Your Family and Your Home

No matter how skilled a DIY electrician makes themselves out to be, when they work on your electrical system they invalidate any warranty you may have on the components in that system. If anything does go wrong, you won’t be covered and since your DIYer isn’t insured they won’t be covered either.

100% of DIY disasters are avoidable by simply calling a certified electrician. You may think bypassing their professionals you will be saving yourself money, but we assure you it won’t. In fact, in most cases it ends up costing you much much more due to having to repairing their mess. If you live in Edmonton, St.Albert and all surrounding areas and are in need of electrical work in your home; Call us to book a free on site consultation and estimate. Schedule your FREE Estimate! All of our services are guaranteed, so you can sleep rest assured knowing that you and your family are safe.

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