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Most people like hot tubs, OK most of us Love Hot tubs! We get caught up in what they bring; relaxation, the drinks, the good times with friends and family. But when it comes to the installation, it’s too easy to get into trouble.

Understanding Hot Tub Installations

Whether your buying brand new, used, or given one for free there is a cost to the installation. And how much is going to depend on how far you’ve planned ahead, on the hot tub, and on your electrical panel.

Before installing a hot tub you need to consider, if you have enough space to safe support the hot tub, does your deck need to be reinforced?. You as the homeowner are responsible for obtaining a Building Permit. Each City/town have different permitting regulations, but an electrical permit is a must everywhere. The electrical permit will be the responsibility for the electrical contractor to apply for, which also means you will need to hire a certified electrician and perhaps even someone to build proper foundation.

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The certified electrician for example will need to install and wire a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter)  and yes it must be dedicated. Distance from the tub to the GFCI will be depended on where you live. Most cases it’s 1.5 meters. An electrician will also need to provide a 30- 50 amp main breaker box- if there isn’t one already. An experienced electrician will assure your means to shut off or disconnect the hot tub is outside and close to the tub. During the assessment the technician will need access to your main electrical panel, and be sure you have the room to support your hot tub. An Electrician needs to consider many factors, these are just a few, so having a certified technician with the appropriate credentials and experience is a must.

As you can start to understand, purchasing the hot tub is the easy part, the installation is a whole other ballgame. It is crucial you understand what your installation will require as well the price tag attached to not only the tub but the installation step. Hiring certified technicians and contractors who are experienced in hot tub installations is money very well spent, and a lot of headaches saved.

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Proline Electric comes with over 25 years experience with the installation of all types of home spas and hot tubs. We can gladly walk you through the process, and provide our expert advice.

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