If your home’s electric system isn’t functioning properly or you need a 20 ft. light fixture hung, you might wonder whether you should call a local handyman or electrician. This decision could affect the health of your home now and for years to come, so it is important to know the difference between the two.


Typically a handyman is somebody who knows how to perform a variety of home maintenance tasks, that aren’t limited to a specific specialty. For example; a handyman may be called to repair a gutter, install an appliance, mend a broken fence.


An electrician is a professional who is trained and licensed specifically in installing, managing, and repairing electrical systems. Electricians possess in-depth knowledge of wiring, switches, outlets, electrical panels etc. And is therefore qualified to work on your home’s electrical system.

Handyman vs. Electrician:

Undoubtedly there are handymen who have an understanding of electrical systems and dabble with electrical repairs but there are two major factors to consider:

  1. Handymen are not licensed meaning they are not permitted to work on your home’s electrical wiring or system.
  2. Handymen won’t be properly insured for damages that may occur as a result if a mistake is made while working with your homes electrical wiring.

To put it simply: No matter how attractive or convincing an agreement is, in terms of price and convenience, it is important to consider long term, and the risk put on you, your home, and family.

When you hire a certified electrician such as all the electricians at Proline Electric, you can be rest assured the work performed will be to a high standard. Which is what certifications and warranties provide you. Meaning any work performed in your home is in accordance to the Canadian electrical code, with guaranties on service and materials. So ever in a situation that something goes wrong, you as a homeowner are covered. Also professional electricians come with the experience and training that they can provide you with viable options & solutions for your home, helping you make the best decision for you and your home.

In summary: Although we agree handymen have there place within the home maintenance service industry, we highly recommend protecting one of your most valuable assets and only allowing professional/certified electricians to work on your home’s electrical system.




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