Sounds crazy right? To have a yearly home inspection. Just as our vehicles require regular maintenance, so does your home. We maintain our homes by cleaning them inside and out. We make sure the structure and everything inside is functional and safe.  For example, leaky faucets, running toilets get fixed, roofs are inspected and repaired and also it’s important to be sure your appliances are in working order.

Everything requires a routine inspection, especially those things we use on a daily basis. We visit the mechanic for routine maintenance on our vehicles  from; fluid levels and oil change, brakes and tires are inspected. We visit the doctor or at least we should on an annual basis to assure we are healthy. It’s all preventative measures we take to ensure everything is good and healthy, and if it’s not we hope to catch everything in the early stages and begin the healing process or repairs in our case to avoid major, more serious(expensive) problems ahead.

Did you know the electric current running to an electrical outlet or receptacle can wear out causing it to become loose? This can cause for example while vacuuming the plug of your vacuum to slip out of the socket easily, in some cases causing sparks,or intermittent power resulting in disruption to your cleaning.  An issue such as this may seem minor, but it’s important to pay attention to these signs because something as small as this, can easily grow to become a very costly repair and safety hazard.

For these reasons Proline Electric offers very thorough and extensive electrical safety inspection, which we recommend at least once a year. Leaving you and your family with the confidence and peace of mind knowing your homes electrical system is safe. Don’t wait for the issues to spark a large or costly repair.

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