As fall is fast approaching, and the weather becomes more crisp also remember to keep your electrical system in mind.

Outdoor Electrical Safety Tips:

  •  Inspect electrical equipment for pools, hot tubs etc. Assure there is no visible damage or concerns
  • Test GFCI is properly working, and walk around and visual be sure there is no signs of damage to exterior outlets
  • Dry leaves can pose a risk, to avoid electrical fire be diligent in keeping dry leaves away from your electrical equipment, lights, outlets etc.

Indoor Electrical Safety Tips:

  • Test your smoke/Co Detectors to assure they are working properly. Winter has the highest rate of electrical fires, it’s crucial to be sure your smoke and co detectors are working properly.
  • If you plan to use heated blankets or space heaters be sure the cord on them is in perfect condition. Please note space heaters are not to be left on for extended periods of time or left on unattended.
  • Whole home Surge Protection; Surges can occur due to extreme weather that may happen this fall or winter. Being prepared with surge protection can save you thousand of dollars not having to replace high ticket items.
  • Your Electrical Panel is the heart of your whole electrical system in your home. Don’t ignore tripping breakers, or anything of concern regarding your panel. If the panel goes down, it will make a very cold house in the winter.


When it comes to the electrical system in your home, sometimes unpredictable things can occur. By you not ignoring any tripping breakers or odd things with your electrical system, your more likely to have a stress free winter. In fact, we highly recommend scheduling a safety inspection with a certified electrician who is fully trained and knows what to look for.

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