Most often when it comes to purchasing a home we often bypass an electrical inspection, assuming a home builder will catch anything of concern or simply just have a belief that everything is good. Unfortunately, this isn’t usually the case. When buying a home it is important to have an electrical inspection done, to be sure you know exactly what your purchasing.

There are 3 main areas to look at:


There are types of wiring that will require attention either before or after purchasing. It can sometimes be a larger cost to repair so best to know what your getting into prior. One example is aluminium wiring, it is prone to starting fires which leads to why; it longer meets code and must be pig-tailed with cooper. Most home insurance companies will not provide coverage until you are able to prove it has be pig tailed and inspected meeting the current codes.

Electrical Panel

A home’s electrical panel is the heart of the homes entire system. Due to this, connected wires need and should be thoroughly inspected for proper installation, any wear and tear that could compromise the panel. Also assuring your panel has enough room for any new additions you may want to add such as; upgraded appliances, A/C, hot tub etc. While this is fixable, it is best to be educated on costs and time needed to accommodate before moving in.


Now sometimes a visual inspection can reveal loose connections, damage, or burnt outlets, but not always. Sometimes it’s the clean outlets that are at risk. A certified electrician has the expertise and experience to be able to provide a more thorough inspection to assure all outlets are safely grounded. Any outlets that are not grounded will need to be replaced or they run the risk of causing an electrical fire.


Now we do highly respect home inspectors and their professionalism towards providing a thorough inspection, but it sometimes requires a certified electrician to determine the severity of the situation. Or even to provide a quote on any electrical adjustments that may be required.

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