On October 24, 2019; Proline Electric proudly attended the St.Albert Business Awards of Distinction, we attended firstly as a nominee in the Small business award category for 1-9 employees. The fact we were nominated was an honor in itself. We proudly took the stage with 14 other businesses in the same category and among 72 other businesses nominated in various categories- WOW!

“Surround yourself with the dreamers, and the doers, the believers and thinkers but most of all, surround yourself with those who see greatness within you, even when you don’t see it yourself.” 

As we walked the red carpet to attend, we had no idea the impact one evening could have on our business & on us individually. Needless to say the ability to surround yourself with hundreds of fellow business owners, managers-whether they are brand new or been in business for 20 years we highly recommend doing so- everyone brought different perspectives and ideas. Plus having one night in a relaxed, fun setting; getting to know more about all the incredible local businesses we could be supporting is extremely important.

The awards began with all the nominees in each category going up on stage receiving their nomination award- a total of 9 categories. Let us just say; St.Albert has a lot of amazing businesses! Then we move on to the winners in each category- the small business category being one of the last to be presented.

And the award goes to… 

Small Business Award(1-9 Employees) Category

Eligibility: This award is given to the independent organization that has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to their customers, and strong management expertise that establishes it as a role model for other small businesses.

As they announced Proline Electric as the winner of the Small Business Award- there is a lot of emotions that go into this. Excitement, Shock, Proud are just a few.

As a business owner and general manager there are decisions that you make to help your employees grow within your company, there are decisions made in the best interest of your clients, and there are decisions made that perhaps not everyone is in agreement with. You second guess your decisions, you work extra long hours to assure your clients needs are met, and you support your employees as they grow as electricians, managers and as everyday people.

We are not perfect, mistakes can happen, and quite honestly with the down turn in the economy in Alberta; 2019 as been our most challenging years in business but also our most educational year. Winning this award as reassured us we are definitely on the right track. Whether we failed and learned or whether the right decisions have been made from the start; we are delivering an exceptional service, changing the way trades are viewed and making an impact in our community. We LOVE what we do and will continue to aim for excellence for as long as we are in business (many many more years to come).

At Proline Electric we promise to continue to deliver the highest quality electrical service and that starts from the very first phone call.

We aim to help grow and train electricians to have all the skills they wish to obtain and push them on the days they want to give up.

We thank you for supporting your local friendly neighborhood electricians, and thank you to the St.Albert Chamber of Commerce for supporting all the local businesses that make up our incredible community of St.Albert.

To our current team- We thank you!! This is definitely a reflection of every person apart of Proline Electric!

We are speechless, proud and thankful!!!



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