Electrical systems and components play a huge role in our day to day lives, whether we think about it or not. From our appliances like our fridge, lighting, security system etc. more then ever before our lives depend on the convenience of electricity. While these systems bring more comfort and safety to our homes and businesses they also have the power to cause irreparable damage. This is why there a 3 electrical codes in force within Alberta. These codes are set and put in place to assure the safety and functionality of your home and business.


Code for Electrical Installations at Oil & Gas Facilities

As our largest industry, it is no surprise Alberta has over 50,000 facilities all over the province. The code for electrical installations at oil and gas facilities keeps these companies accountable for keeping their staff, product, and communities safe in terms of electrical applications.

Canadian Electrical Code

The Canadian Electrical Code(CE code) was developed over a century ago and has since been maintained through committees made up of representatives from all divisions of the electrical industry. These national standards cover everything including system components and installation procedures. The code book itself is very comprehensive, ensuring all electrical bases are covered. Due to it’s lengthy and complex nature of the code, it takes a skilled electrician to navigate through and find specific knowledge and codes required for any given task.


Alberta Electrical Utility Code

In addition to the CE code, Alberta also has and enforces it’s own code. The provincial code focuses hard on electrical systems equipment. For any electrical equipment to be up to code, it must meet the specific requirements of all the enforced codes within Alberta as well as the Canadian Electrical Code. Furthermore, equipment manufactured, installed, or sold for use in Alberta must be certified and inspected in accordance with the Standards Council of Canada.


In summary, all three of these codes are vital to assure the safety and success in any electrical system within our province of Alberta. One of the many reasons it is so crucial to have a certified electrician who is familiar and up to date with the current codes. It is not worth it to cut corners when it comes to safety. Ensure your systems are up to the most current code.  If you are in the St.Albert, Edmonton or surrounding areas and require an electrician, our team is here for you!

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